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iPad score editing/round tripping (apps/workflow?)

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I'm looking for an excuse to buy an iPad pro :)


I would like to use it for arranging. I'd like to be able to export the score and/or parts to the iPad (I suppose as MusicXML), take the iPad to rehearsal, make changes and notations at rehearsal with the iPad pencil thing based on feedback from the musicians and what I hear, and then copy those changes back into Logic.


I know Logic doesn't import MusicXML, so I suppose I'd have to export as Midi from the scoring app, import the midi back into logic.


So, does anyone have a workflow that works?


Is there a particular iPad scoring app that works well with the iPad? With the iPad pro? In combination with Logic? There are SO many scoring apps on the app store, it's hard to know which ones to try.

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