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How To Record Multitrack With A Mixer


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To record multi tracks with a mixer, you will need a mixer capable of sending and receiving multi tracks to Logic and an audio interface capable of doing the same.


What does this mean?

It means the audio interface has to have the capability of receiving x amount of inputs simultaneously so that logic can assign each input to a different channel/track. So if your interface can handle 8 inputs, you can record up to 8 signals at one time. If you need more than 8 inputs, you will need to add another interface ... etc.


Some mixers are now capable of acting as a mixer and an interface via USB or firewire. So you may find such a mixer that can do 16 inputs simultaneously.

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Ok, I have a mixer Behringer Xenyx 1202USB and an audio interface Behringer UM2. Can I record multitrack at the same time?

The UM2 is a two input interface, which means, as Shive's already pointed out, that you can record maximum two different audio signals on two distinct audio tracks at the same time.


To record n different audio tracks simultaneously, you need and audio interface with n inputs.


The mixer doesn't help you with any of this, and I would recommend you don't use it, in fact you can most probably sell it as you won't need it when working with Logic, which has its own software mixer.

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