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Channels? [SOLVED]


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When I was getting up the Klopfgeist I noticed these channel strips after a couple VCA's I added. These strips only show up when I have all tracks selected. I never seen them before. Are they FX strips coz at the top there is two knobs one for "Chor" the other "Rev". I'm thinking chorus and reverb. Its kinda weird as I dont have any piano, violin, trumpets etc on this song.


Is it possible to delete them? I tried selecting them and hitting backspace. Do they take up CPU?




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Those are MIDI channel strips. They show up in the mixer when you create an external MIDI track with a port assignment other than "Off", or when you manually create a Multi-Instrument object in the environment and enable its subchannels.


I wouldn't worry about them taking up CPU, but you can delete their Multi-Instrument object (MIDI Environment > MIDI Instr. layer) if you are not using them.



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