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Assign "Mute All" in a MIDI Mapped Instrument


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I have an Alesis DM10 Drum kit that I have setup to work with Logic. I setup a mapped instrument and routed all of my drum triggers accordingly.


However, the DM10 has a "cymbal choke" function built into the pads. When you squeeze the edge of the cymbal, it chokes the sound of the cymbal.


So my question: I know which MIDI notes are being triggered by grabbing the edge of the cymbal, but I'm trying to figure out the best sound to attach to those specific triggers. Is there a way to map a "mute all" (or something comparable to that) to these cymbal triggers so when I grab the cymbal, it cuts off all the sound.


That seems to be the best way I can think of accomplishing this effect through the electronic kit.


So just to give an example....


-I'm playing the drums

-I hit the cymbal

-I grab the cymbal with my hand

-The "cymbal grab" trigger mutes all the samples currently being sustained until the next trigger is hit


That's what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks!

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