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Nectar 2- midi harmony control And VOCODERS!


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it works to generate harmonies (and does it pretty well), it is NOT a vocoder. check out izotope's 'vocal synth' if you want vocoder and unusual effects.


open nectar2 as a software instrument (and doing this off the top of my head, am not at my music setup); set the sidechain (upper right of the logic/nectar window) to the vocal you want to process. in the harmony window, set to 'midi control'. what i do is, i make a dupe of the vocal i want to effect, then send it's output to NO output, so it' ONLY being processed by N2. i usually move the vocal ahead in time slightly, to compensate for latency, and set the harmony window for "solo voices", so the original vocal does not come thru. experiment with other settings (pan, etc).


play the song, play your midi keyboard and create some dope harmonies... :-)

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