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Updating to iMac, what 2 do w/ 4 hard drives from old mpro

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I am updating my main machine from an early 2008 Mac Pro to the new iMac. The old Mac Pro has 4 500gb 7200rpm hard drives in the 4 pull out bays and I am wondering what is the best way to make use of these/connect them to the new iMac? One was a system drive so could probably live without that one but the other three were one for Audio and the other two for sample libraries, BFD, Vienna, Ivory etc. and I would want to be able to access and make use of these drives from the new iMac.


I will be using Logic Pro X,


Any thoughts?





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If you look on Amazon for "multiple hard drive enclosure," you will see some of the options that exist. You can also purchase individual enclosures with FireWire (say ...) and daisy-chain the drives together as you did in the "old SCSI days." (But with cables that are now a helluva lot thinner 8) ...) The whole thing would connect to a single FW port. Be sure to re-label drives as needed to avoid conflicts. (For instance, the name of my internal drive is not "Macintosh HD.")


In addition, I would "from the outset" purchase a (new ...) external drive, which can now be had in multi-terabyte sizes even at an office supply store(!), for use as a Time Machine backup device. "From day one," Time Machine is running all the time, doing what it does best, directing its attention to a brand new disk drive or solid-state drive which is directly cabled to the machine.

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