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Discrete MIDI Controllers per Software Instrument [SOLVED]


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Hello all,


Does anyone know of a better way to have multiple software instruments ONLY respond to certain MIDI inputs?


Background: I have a studio "sketchpad" project template when I'm writing new songs. The template typically includes the following types of instruments:

1) Keys/Pads/Leads

2) Drums

3) Percussion

4) Guitar/bass effects

5) Vocals


I have the following MIDI devices hooked up:

1) Axiom Pro (Keys and Percussion, as well as faders and effects)

2) Roland TD-9 E-kit (drums)

3) Behringer FCB1010 (Footboard for guitar/bass effects)


The goal is to have all of the channel strips armed, and then I hit record and start jamming and coming up with ideas. Often, I'll record a snippet on one...cycle that section, and then record each of the other parts, etc.


In the default mode, every software instrument channel strip responds to every controller, so there is unwanted cross triggering, such as piano notes being played when I'm really playing the drum kit, etc.


The work around so far has been, in the MIDI Environment, to cable up each discrete MIDI input from the Physical Input Object, and route them directly to the channel strips in question. (i.e. TD-9 goes to all Drum channel strips, FCB1010 goes to all guitar channel strips, etc.) I then route the output to a bus, and have a separate Audio Track whose Input is the respective bus.


This, of course, creates audio recordings of my performance, but no MIDI data. If I route the channel strip object output to the Sequencer Input, then I'm back to the cross triggering problem.


Additionally, to create new tracks, I then have the additional step of having to cable it in the environment to the right MIDI input.


Am I doing this the hard way?

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*sheepish face*


Well if that isn't incredibly simple.... ;-)


For some reason, I thought that Auto-demix by channel had to do with separating MIDI drums to different tracks by channel...but it never dawned on me that it would just make each track listen to discrete channels.


Thanks for the help.

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