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tempo changes


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First time posting here.


I'm working with a piano player. He records his tracks, then I add background strings, woodwinds, etc.. His piano is real, I'm using VI's.


We did one test track to make sure we were both happy with the result. The problem I had when adding background tracks, his piano playing is a very expressive, emotional, rubato style. He records without a click track. The tempo is changing constantly. With ritards, accelerando, pauses...


On our first track, I just added the backgrounds by ear. But when I went in to do midi editing, I couldn't visually see where each beat started and stopped, it definitely made the editing process much slower.


Is there a way to define beats in a situation like this, where the tempo flucuates in an audio track throughout?



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When I come to doing this I generally take it phrase by phrase.


I'll use the BPM plugin to try and gauge the average tempo, set that, then fine tune it phrase by phrase. Generally I will use a curve transitioning to each phrase, avoiding sudden changes.


You can go through and do micro changes beat by beat, but I find not having anything land directly on a beat helps with that humanised feel.


Trouble with beat mapping, I've only known it to to sudden changes in tempo, so I generally avoid that.


If the BPM meter is having issues detecting th tempo, you could record a simple percussion track, playing in time to the piano, fine tune it and use that to detect the tempo.

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