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Logic 10.2.1 Limiter: New precision mode


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on the master bus I was always struggling with the logic's adaptive limiter. Finally I used to apply W1 (L1 freeware clone) with great results. I'm not talking about final (highly sophisticated) mastering, just making things louder for the client demo purposes.


I've just checked the new precision mode of the logic's 10.2.1 limiter and... I like it very much.

With release about 200-250ms, true peaks detection and some lookahead it works fantastic as a maximizer.


How do you like it?


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As far as I can see the only difference to the Limiter in the so-called Precision mode is the removal of the soft knee and the inclusion of oversampling (True Peak).


This oversamples the side-chain (probably by 4x) to catch inter-sample peaks. Generally it leads to more limiting at the same gain setting and unlike normal limiting it tends to be less rhythmical and more arbitrary because inter-sample peaks aren't necessarily proportional. Unless you really need TP limiting (e.g. for R128 or ATSC/85) then it's usually better to limit less and have more headroom on the output instead.


In the Adaptive Limiter the input scaling has been removed. The hidden features have moved to the front of the GUI.


In any case, there are better limiters out there. Both limiters have a lack of gain range and features. The workflow is not very good either.


I use my own plug-in as well as the FabFilter Pro-L. The Voxengo Elephant is another option.


Many of the other bundled Logic plug-ins are great and still do a fine job today, but the limiter(s) have always been substandard.

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