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Changes to the Adaptive Limiter in LPX 10.2.1


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I've only briefly checked out the Adaptive Limiter changes. One thing I noticed is that (unless I'm missing something) there is now only one gain knob whereas before there was a pre gain (input signal level) and a post gain, so I'd set the input gain (or whatever it was called) so that the signal coming into the Limiter didn't peak to 0db, then adjusted loudness with the output gain - now with only one gain it's, I guess, simplified but I'd like to know which gain I'm adjusting LOL!!!


It's entirely possible I missed something but I didn't see any disclosure triangle or anything so I dunno....

Any insight?

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before, you could easily turn down the Input Scale, and you would have less limiting going on.


Yes, that's true.

But what I'm getting at is that before it was "mandatory" to set the input scale as the plug-in would not work properly otherwise.


Here's a quote fro the Logic Pro 7 handbook:

˝Start the process by adjusting the Input Scale, just as you would set a mixing desk’s Gain parameter, or a digital recorder’s recording level. The parameter behaves much like a Gain control, but its purpose is to adjust the input level, which must never exceed 0 dBFS.


It doesn't behave like that anymore.

Lets say you have a song that have overs of 1 dB going into the Limiter. You want to shave about 2 dBs off.

All you have to do is set the gain to +1. This wasn't a real alternative before since the plug-in did not work correctly like this.


I understand that you still would want the option to turn down that gain if you are into the habit of mixing "too hot"

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before it was "mandatory" to set the input scale as the plug-in would not work properly otherwise.

I cannot reproduce this in Logic Pro X 10.0.7:


I have all tracks going to a bus. Two Auxes set up to receive that bus. The audio at the input of the two Auxes peaks at +3 dB FS.


On one Aux, I let the input of the AdLimiter clip at +3 dB FS and add +3 dB of Gain. On the other, I set the Input Scale to -5 dB so the input of the AdLimiter does not clip, and add +8 dB of Gain.


I then invert the phase on one of the Auxes = perfect phase cancelation.

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I believe this internal change was in a prior update. (probably 10.0.2)

Try testing it in 9.1.8 and you will totally notice the difference.

Just tried in 9.1.8 and got the same phase cancellation between an input-clipping-AdLim and a non-input-clipping-AdLim. I then decided to push the test further and noticed that with larger amounts of gain (for example input scale at -7 instead of -3 dB) the two Auxes no longer cancel. I'm too tired to reproduce the same test in LPX to see if the issue is the same there or not. Oh well.

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I'm assuming the reason it amy not be clipping anymore is they may have taken inter-sample peaking into account.


Im not sure if anyone notice this either, but I while ago I checked out their straight up Level Meter plugin and apparently it had an ISP mode, which I never new existed earlier.


I'm bringing this up because it seem to me the devs are paying attention to ISP now, so perhaps my assumption about the Adaptive Limiter might be correct.

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