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Korg Kross as midi in and out for Logic


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I want to do the following:


Create a loop on a Korg Korss, take my hands off the keyboard and then let it run.


I want the midi output of the Korg Kross to be fed into Logic so that I see a continuous stream of midi notes in Logic - if I created kick, kick, kick, kick in the Kross and looped it 16 times somewhere in Logic I want to see 64 midi notes - don't care if the track they are on is not a kick.



I also want to do the reverse. Create a loop in Logic, take my hands off the keyboard, let it rip for x amount of times and then go into the Kross and see a long stream of midi notes 4 * x.


Now I have simplified the example - I will be doing more complex things but the general idea is the same - I want to capture a midi loop as sequential midi notes in either direction. I do not want to cut and paste/repeat paste or capture as audio to accomplish this. It's a workflow thing - I know how to get the stream of midi notes output with other techniques - but that is not the workflow I want.


Thanks to any responder for their understanding and the time they spend replying.

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1. Create instrument track

2. Use Logic External Instrument Plugin (Possibly located in utility folder if not organized)

3. Kross to Logic: You have a 4 on the Floor kick pattern looped in the kross, you press record in logic and it starts recording, unfortunately, you will have to record as long as you want it to be, it won't just automatically transfer.


4. Logic to Kross: Make sure in your project settings or preferences (wherever it is) that your midi clock is being sent. Use external instrument plugin. And create midi region and enter notes. Info will not record into korg I believe ( i could be wrong i dont mess with workstations) but it will output the sound from he korg.


Ultimately, recording into logic should be your goal, because the editing detail of logic goes far beyond any keyboard workstation.

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