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Problem with sends


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So I'm quite new to mixing in surround and it has posed some very unexpected issues, but I have been able to work around everything up until now.


The issue I'm having is getting my sends to work; I'm trying to get most of my channels to go through Bus 1 for some reverb that will be changing throughout the track. Some of the channels are quite happy to go to Bus 1, whereas some are completely ignoring it. I tried making a Bus 5 for them all to go to, and now the other half is going there but not Bus 1, and the ones going to Bus 1 won't go through Bus 5.


This is driving me absolutely insane, as I aim to go through at least three different reverbs throughout the track, and it really won't be right without them. Can anyone help? Is there anything you can think of that's quite easily overlooked?

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