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Audio to Midi


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Audio to MIDI works monophonic material.

And you can do it via flex pitch, via the drum replacer/doubler, or groove templates.

If you want polyphonic analysts you'll have to resort to Melodyne.

Oh OK...I guess that makes sense because I am using a stereo audio file. Even though pitch did output midi ....the midi did not play correctly.


Tried groove templates too and did not seem to work with the source file I was using

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I was able to a create beat map upon import then apply it to the Tempo...not totally usable as this a a redo of an old song that was done on tape and I think the some of the subtle tempo changes are the tape. but I am learning the basics and it is interesting that if i really wanted to I could use that tempo info.


ez drummer track and Drummer follows the tempo


can the tempo data that is in the tempo ruler be used in other ways?


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