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External instrument not showing Moog Minitaur.


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OS X 10.9.5; Logic 10.2.1



As i say in subject, External Instrument is not working correct, it's just not showing Minitaur in MIDI Destination (pic), when its connected via USB and i can't control Minitaur in piano roll. But its connected and i can see it in environment, also i can control Minitaur editor, its works correct. This problem only on my iMac User1.

I'll try it with main profile, on this iMac, and it works fine.

Also, I'll try it with my macbook, with the same system and versions of soft, and it works fine.

So, i guess, problem is in logic, in my profile (User1), and its not Minitaur.

What can i do?


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