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Quality question regarding re-bouncing.

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I wonder if my files loose quality once they're re-bounced?

I'll explain in detalis.


E.g. I'm sitting with a project, quite big - CPU overload, which has result in bounce all tracks into stems.

Simple, nothing changes so far (48k/ 24bit wav).


I take the bounced stems into a new fresh project and keep work with the project (lower some of the stems volumes even more, etc.)


The project in general is very low in volume, or "right" about -6 db on master channel at peaks.

But some stems is very very low in volume (maybe -40 or lower db in volume).


If I bounce these stems, and then give them to a mix engineer, will the files "loose" quality due the volume?


Some people say in the digital domain it's nothing that changes, some says it's a big different from a file -5 db and one that's 0.


Could someone please explain and help me with this.


Warm Regards,


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On this subject, here's a question that's been in the back of my mind:


I notice many people don't print the tracks to audio to mix; but instead mix the MIDI (VI's still in project), which keeps the project at 32-bit float. Since Logic prints at 24bit, would a mix using the 32-bit MIDI tracks be better sound-wise than a mix coming from printed audio tracks (24-bit) ? (and is that a reason so many folks don't render to audio to mix, or is it just the convenience?) Just curious.

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It probably depends from user to user.

I think it's mostly convenience and workflow.

The reason to have a 32-bit float engine is not directly because it "sounds better" but because it helps you process the signal mathematically with fewer restrictions.

You can always use Logic's Freeze option if you are worried about truncating the signal to 24-bits.

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