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10.2.1 - Mavericks or El Capitan


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I run Logic 10.2.0 on Mavericks. What would you do?

- Stay with Mavericks and just update Logic to 10.2.1?

- Or update also MacOS to El Capitan?


If you would recommend to update the OS:

- Would you first update Logic, then OS

- Or first update to El Capitan, then Logic



PS: A current system backup is already done, so I'll be able to go back at any time :wink:

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Do you have a need to update the OS?

Truely the best question I have forgotten to ask myself :oops:

No there is no need. I just came across some Mavericks quirks. But they're actually no killer for doing music.



DO you have any hardware or software that will stop working if you upgrade the OS?

Unsure, and too much time consuming to check all of them out. Easier to upgrade and then check all apps. If something important is buggy, I can still go back with the system clone I prepared.

The other way around, I don't have software that is NOT supported in Mavericks any longer.




I think I can expand my questionnaire with: Is there a performance boost from Mavericks to El Capitan?

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I find 10.11 much nicer altogether as an operating system.

The graphics engine is enhanced and many small bugs (not Logic related) have been fixed.


The key is to make sure that you have your critical hardware working in El Capitan.

Apple has re-written their USB drivers for more energy efficiency. This has created problems with many bus powered devices.

Just go ahead and try the update if you have time to spare. You have obviously made sure that you have a clone so it's pretty smooth to revert if you find any showstopper.

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I did this recently, i posted a similar thread: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=122248&p=626226#p626226


Everything has been super smooth - unnoticeable, in fact, other than one kinda huge problem with my SSL MadiXtreme64 PCIe card. There is a workaround, but it requires turning off 'SIP', which isn't ideal. As it's not a super popular card, I didn't know about this - and I have close ties with SSL's workstation team, and nobody mentioned it...


Plugin wise, I was totally up to date and so there have been no issues so far.


Performance wise, GUI stuff in the OS is a bit better overall, and I saved about 7GB of HD space on my small SSD boot drive, so that enough is OK for me.


I haven't noticed any huge improvements in Logic, but I just wanted to give 10.2.1 the 'best chance' it could.


I'd recommend googling for issues about every single piece of hardware/software that you have, and make sure there isn't a big thread of people complaining! I did that and still ran into that issue...

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One thing to report, stardustmedia, is that I've read in another thread here (I'm in a hurry, no time to retrieve it, but do a search and you should find it) is that there was a significant issue with the (new) tape delay plug-in in LPX 10.2.1 when running Yiosemite and opening older projects created with LPX 10.2 or earlier that would use that plug-in, because when opened in LPX 10.2.1 the pug-in's setting (and sounding) were changed compared to original. Issue was solved by upgrading to El Capitan.


So that alone is the reason why I personnaly plan to upgrade to EC before I upgrade to LPX 10.2.1 (even if, for any other reasons, I would not feel a need for EC at the moment). I'll take my time and do that when I'm in between two projects.


I cannot confirm whether this Tape Delay / LPX 10.2.1 / OSX 10.10 improper backward compaitbility also exists with Mavericks though. If you have some significant use of TD and want to be able to open older projects without worying about backward compatilibity, I would recommend that you investigate this further, and seriously consider upgrading to EC if you consider upgrading to 10.2.1.




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