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Control Surface Conflcts

Clive Desmond

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My Presonus Faderport has been acting up recently. If I leave my computer on -- but do nothing on it -- with Logic open for more than half an hour, I get prompt saying " You have lost contact with your HUI. Please blah blah blah. "


I go into preferences and reset it all. But over the past month or so, the transport command buttons on the Faderport are no longer responsive. The Fader and the Pan work. But the buttons are intermitent.


Additionally, I just added a wireless TRANZPORT box.


It comes first in the control surface chain.


If I leave the Presonus Faderport connected, I can't run the TRANZPORT remote. It just acts up.


If I dump the Faderport from the USB chain, the TRANZPORT remote works like a dream.


Does anyone have any ideas?





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