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Logic problems. Help if you can please.


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Hi, I am finding a few problems.


1. I recorded a funk guitar and called the track 'Niles Rodgers' so I know which guitar part it is as I recorded about 10 different guitar parts. I added effects etc.

I recorded some more software tracks after but then came to do another audio track.

I go to new track and choose audio but it sets up an identical track to the 'Niles Rodgers' track complete with name. They seem twinned together. I have not used duplicate track and I'm not even on that track when I select a new audio track.

I'm on a software track.


Another problem is when I set up a bass part it comes up with the same name as my drum track but it's bass. The bass plays the drum parts on the bass.


The levels change on their own with automation. I re adjust them and then suddenly they change again after a while.


Regards, Stefan.

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