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Frame accurate video working - need your footage


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From our research (me and TFG) it seems as if you can get Logic Pro do frame accurate video.


Wondered if anyone was interested in this?


We need to test it more with different footage, drop non-drop at different frame rates, differing resolutions, that's what's remaining is us completing our tests. We want to test it with ever kind of footage know to man, before we go in to the details, we just want to make sure, rather than disappoint. (no unforeseen El capitan surprises with us :wink: ) But so far it looks pretty good. Yes, we've made that riser end exactly on the correct specific frame, time and time gain across many videos.


But we'd like your help too, due to the many types of footage that are out there that people use, we're asking if you can share it.


So if you have, legal footage, that's not under NDA etc, that you can share, that you 100% know the details of frame rates etc, that's not too big a few minutes or less not huge in mb, and want to help by sharing it, then please do pm me.


NOTE: This is not a plugin - or a for sale item, it's a technique to make it work, which we will share after we know conclusively it works for ALL kinds of video.

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