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I swore that if my Pro Tools crashed one more time that I would move on. It crashed and I lost a ton of work. Since I am currently on a IMac 21.5" - 2.5GHz 12 GB Ram - Mountain Lion 10.7 - I am thinking an Apple Product would be more stable and thus Logic. Looking for mental support here that this is the right thing to do. Basically looking fro ProTools defectors that have found their bliss via Logic. How was the transistion?

A typical Session for me is Native Instruments for midi Drums, Keys, and other virtual stuff, but audio - wavefiles - for guitars, bass, and vocals. Typically - 5 - 10 midi tracks and about 10 audio tracks.

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What year is your iMac? Dual core?


10.7 is Lion

10.8 is Mountain Lion

10.9 is Mavericks. This the minimum for Logic X now.


I am running IMac 21.5-inch: 2.5GHz, 12 GB Ram, Mountain Lion 10.8.5 - Quad Core. I will have to check tonite on the year. It shipped with Lion and I upgraded to Mountain Lion last year.

Are the older versions of Logic available that would work with Mountain Lion or should I just upgrade my OSX?

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Probably a 2011.


You have two options:

Find somebody that is selling a legit Logic 9 with USB dongle and all discs and stay on Mountain Lion.


Upgrade to El Capitan for free (previous Time Machine Backup) and get Logic X.


If you know somebody that has the Mavericks installer app, go with that one.

The older operating systems are not available on the App Store anymore.

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