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Stop auto scroll in MIDI windows [SOLVED]


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Hi There,


I've found many answers and have turned of catch but other answers talk about a running man which I don't see so assume they're from an older version.


With catch off, I see the following issue:

  • Double click a MIDI region

  • In the MIDI editor hit 'z' to zoom to fit

  • Then press play


At this point, the MIDI edit window scrolls to half way and moves the start of the region so I can no longer see the end (see attached).


Is there a way to stop this?






Midi Editor Scrolls after hitting play

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I have the same problem. Catch is OFF everywhere but Logic still jumps to beginning of the region when i press play. Could this be a bug? I'm running LPX 10.2.1


I can make a video of this problem if it will help.


Please suggest what can i do? This is really killing my workflow :(

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