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OT: Not receiving reply notification emails


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Hi David,


This has been going on for a while now... I'm receiving reply notification emails kind of randomly. IOW, I come to the forum to see wassup, only to find that threads I've replied to have received additional replies for which I didn't get notification emails. But then again, sometimes I do get notifications...





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Jeez, take a hint!


Just kidding ski...could you have possibly/accidentally hit the "unsubscribe" link (the second one) instead of the "read" link (the first one) in your email notification?


Hope all is well.


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Hey Ski!


Well the situation at this point is.. I know there are a couple of bugs in the software I'm using for the forums, but I don't want to waste too much time fixing them as I know I will soon update the whole thing...


So hang in there, be patient, and soon we'll all have a better forum!


PS: Meanwhile you can use the RSS feeds if you want?

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