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Frustrations with hyper editor?


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Question: Im having difficulty with hyper editor. Say I want to edit 4 bars that I select and I want to adjust expression in the hyper editor. Why is that the the editable line only drags to the most right bar and only ONE bar. Not the whole 4 bars that I've selected. Is this not odd? Haven't figured out how I can edit a whole 4 regions of one bar or 2 bars each ( doesn't matter same issue with one or 2 bars)


Question 2: If I edit automation on a track. Is the only way I can move the WHOLE automation up or down db is by selecting the entire automation of the entire track and dragging it up or down. Is there a way I can just simple move the fader?


Question 3) Is there a way to automate expression or volume of an entire track in the MIDI command4 window? (problem 1 arises when I try this...fixing one i assume would enable me to do this.

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