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Score Editor Not Displaying Note Length Correctly


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Hey guys, I have Logic set up to notate drums and for the most part it is very good but I've come across an issue I can't seem to resolve. I am trying to notate a sextuplet with two 32nd triplets (48th notes) on the last note that look like this example...1758570799_ScreenShot2016-02-05at4_58_40PM.png.37390d78081b89066a324cb7788f86c6.png

How I want it to look...

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get Logic to notate the two 32nd triplets at the end like that. Logic always places the very last note on the downbeat of the next sextuplet figure instead of beaming it to the last note of the first sextuplet like this...343491740_ScreenShot2016-02-05at5_08_24PM.thumb.png.f052749e96eb2900aba3dc01e0c378de.png

How it always looks...

It is programmed correctly in the Piano Roll but the interpretation does not recognize the 32nd triplets (48th notes.) I have experimented with every quantize setting in the Region Inspector including 32,48. I have tried manually entering notes one by one on the score instead of using the Piano Roll. I have turned off interpretation, unbeamed everything, and tried everything I can think of but I just can't make it work. If anyone knows of way I could get that to notate correctly I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks guys



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Let me know if this is correct and what you are looking for....


1/ I did not use the piano roll in this case - I did it all in the score editor.

2/ I inserted a 16th note

3/ Add the N tuplet to that note and changed the settings to what I have below for the tuplet parameters.

4/ I then inserted the remaining 16th notes except for the last one.

5/ On the last 16th I inserted two 32nd notes.



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Sorry for the late response! I had to go ahead and complete the project without having the transcription done but I'm revisiting this and your method totally worked, even using the piano roll! I think the tuplet box parameters was the missing link for me. I'm going to have to experiment with all the options there a little more until I fully wrap my head around what they all do. Thank you guys so much! I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future :D
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