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Virus Ti causing Logic X to hang loading


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Hi there,


I'm running Logic pro X on Mavericks with an NI Audio Komplete 6 and Virus Ti on an i3 iMac. I've been having a problem with the Virus' AU plug-in.


This all started after upgrading to Mavericks from Snow Leopard. I rolled back to snow Leopard manually (no time machine backup) and came back to Mavericks (time machine backup) after the problem was still there.


The symptoms;


Logic hangs while loading any project with the Ti in it for about 3-5 minutes. When re-validating plug-ins the virus takes about 10-15 minutes to validate.




After contacting and troubleshooting with Access we have found that the problem lies with in the user on my iMac. I created another user and Logic loads a project with the virus in it just fine. I've tried a method using Migrate assistant that creates another user with the same data as my regular user to no avail, still the same problem. I've re-installed Mavericks and tried countless times to remove Ti software, shut down, wait a few seconds, start up and run permissions repair, then re-install the software (and firmware) on virus.


So basically I have a whole bunch of 3rd party synths that are registered but only on this user that I need to use as well. Hence why I want to try to get this user working before I go through a file share within users to transfer the massive amount of data to make these plug-ins work. Or is there another option that I can do? A re-install of data and re-registration for spectrasonics gear and everything else is not really what I want to be doing preferably.


I'm wondering what my options are (if any others) to troubleshoot this user and see if I can get it working again. I've tried moving users Cache folder to the desktop to force the mac to create a new folder. I've also tried doing the same with my mac HD Cache. Still no luck.


Hope all is well with you all,

Thanks for reading and hope you can help in any way


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