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Sound to Headphones using Studio 192

Hillary Clintonia

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Does anyone know how to get sound from Logic Pro to play through the headphones in Studio 192 Presonus.


I just purchased Studio 192 and am new to this. I can get sound by connecting left and right quarter inch inputs into the left and right outputs in the back of the Studio 192 to an amp and then plugging headphones into the amp, and get playback that way, but that is circuitous and frankly ridiculous.


I've tried requesting help from PreSonus's support. They say that I need to route output in Logic. I have no idea if that is really the issue or how to do that. I'm new to both Logic Pro and the PreSonus.


I was using a Scarlett 2i2 before with Garageband and never had to route sound to get playback in the headphones. It seemed to automatically go to the headphones.


I'm using the newest versions of Logic and PreSonus 192.



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