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LPX 10.2.1 Bounce, various encountered bugs


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These ones won't be easy to replicate I suppose because I do not encounter them consistently, only from time to time.


A/ Boundaries of the bounce

* Project start is 1 1 1 0, project end is whatever is the end of the project (as set in the transport display). No cycle mode engaged, no region (or marker) selected, general bounce of the whole project from the button on the output channel strip: instead of boundaries of the bounce to be from project start to project end, both are other locations in the project (apparently random, definitely not round numbers that could for instance correspond to a region boundaries); only happened to me a couple of times, in the vast majority of cases everything is as expected.


B/ Audio glitches in the resulting file

* Same procedure as above, on a project that plays back perfectly. Many glitches (clicks, pops, specific tracks becoming silent in the mix, often after a big click) in the resulting audio file (AIFF 24 bits, no normalize, no dither). Problem identified right after having closed the project (which was right after bounce completion). Go back into the project (open it again), do nothing else but just hit again bounce, now result has no flaws (perfectly matches the project playback). Happened to me once yesterday.



In both cases above, offline bounce, no external gear involved at all.


My temporary conclusions:

* double check the settings that Logic uses in the bounce window (don't trust habits re: how it's supposed to be) ;

* double-check the result right after the bounce (which slows down the workflow but is a must anyway).

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I never bounce or work with anything from a project start of 1 1 1 0, in fact most people I know don't do this for a variety of reasons.


There used to be a bug that would cause a random change of locators during bouncing from bar 1 1 1 0, I experienced that myself back in LP8 or early LP9, I think.


Back in the 90s starting later than the start of the project used to be about sync'ing up and placing MIDI SysEx dumps there, but I've noticed some inconsistent behaviors in many new DAWs when working from the beginning of the project, maybe related to PDC.


So... why not start working from e.g. bar 5 or later, and simply offset the time to start at bar 5 (File > Project Settings > Synchronization > General > Bar Position ... Plays SMTPE at ... )

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Sorry, I meant plain downbeat of first bar, which must be 1 1 1 1 (not writing from my Logic computer).


@lagerfeldt: thanks, I was not aware of that "mislocation" bug when bouncing projects that that at first bar (I bounce whole projects pretty often and with 10.2.1 it's the first time I come across this bug, I thought it was 10.2.1-specific)..

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