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plugin for snik reduction


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does anybody know of any plugin / app / utility that can work either as a standalone app or plugin for LPX that can remove snik's from audio recordings ?


See attached pic to get a better idea.


For example. many sentences when listened to at full volume with good headphones - end with audio "debris" at the tail (and mid sections as well). Using a diagonally (ramped) shaped volume overlay smoothes these out nicely Ive found.


However, for a very long read, there are literally hundreds of these 4 point overlays that have to be manually created, no small amount of tedious effort and time.


A software solution to this problem would be extremely welcome - but does one yet exist ?


Thanks in advance for your insights !


Chris Chamberlain

Los Angeles


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Another (automatic) solution would be to use the Gate plugin. With a proper threshold it would cut out everything when no speach occurs, and with a slow-enough attack (not too slows though, see below), it would not react (open) to very short transients when click/pops occur at the beginning or end of régions (even if they very temporarily exceed the threshold). Strike the right balance between slow enough an attack and too slow (you want the gate to open fast enough when speach occurs so that the first syllable is not mumbled in the process ;) ). You may want to try using a very short "hold" setting so that the gate does not stay open even if a glitch crosses it.


What you manually draw on your regions is exactly what a gate does, and by the way, its release parameter is the slope of your curve when the gate closes again.

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What you manually draw on your regions is exactly what a gate does


Not necessarily. He wants to fade out the end of each section, but a gate reacts to dynamics so if there is a quiet bit *within* a section, the gate will close down then as well, unless you start having really long release times (which probably won't give you want you want anyway).


So I'd still use the Fade parameter for this.

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You may be right des99. Chris' original post says that issue also happen in the middle of regions, though. A proper threshold should deal with quieter sections, to differentiate them from noisy silence and keep the gate open, I suppose.


The issue I see with fade out applied to multiple-selected regions at once, is that its the same length on all regions, and when it begins simply depends on when the region ends, not when the audio in the region ends... Besides, with a fade you only get full cut-out at the very end of the region, not anytime before if you need that on specific regions.

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