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Open/Save Dialog remember size/location


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Not sure if this has been mentioned here but it would keep defaulting to a small box in the middle of the screen every time you opened or saved a file. The trick is to resize the window in the bottom right holding Shift and then it will remember the next time.


I got the hint from this thread. There's also a Terminal trick in there to always open in expanded mode.






After some testing the above doesn't work. It would remember the Open and Bounce locations, but Import Audio would knock out the Open and Save As would knock out the Bounce.


Seems like it might just be an EL Cap bug that Apple is aware of, that's affecting numerous apps.


I ended up using Keyboard Meastro to get it to work like the last poster in this thread. https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1968619?start=0&tstart=0



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