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Staff styles Logic 9


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Mac MacBook Pro 15 in. OS X 10.9.5, Mid 2012 Logic 9

Hi to all. I noticed when I loaded an older logic 9 project (still using 9)

I noticed some of my newer staff styles are missing.

I know how to import staff styles from a newer project but is there a way to update the staff styles globally?

So they are the same no matter what project opens?


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You can also "import project settings> staff styles" from another project, at least that saves some time if you've already tweaked those project's staff styles. For instance, I do a lot of Big Band charts and print parts and scores. When I output a score (as opposed to parts) I import my staff styles from one of my previous score sequences. In those, I've shrunk the size of all the styles down to about 4 point. There may be other tips out there to manage these things..
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