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MIDI Draw Velocity


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MIDI Draw velocities lines are tidal waves, sweeping up everything in their wake.


You'll find a home for this movement in Step Editor, where A. there is a line tool, and B. each note has its own lane. Most drum editing is done here. And Mapped Instruments have the notes named.

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I see, thanks. I clearly have a bit to learn here. It seems MIDI draw has little to do with Step Editor which I was seeing as closely related.


Can you tell me, why in MIDI Draw if I have a region that has Sustain Pedal info I can Trim the region and remove parts of the region but the Sustain Pedal info remains in Sustain Pedal MIDI draw lane??? This seems to indicate that the only way to get rid of it is to find it in Event Editor and delete (lots of extra work)

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Learning never ends with Logic. But you might find a good tutorial video on Piano Roll. It'll save you a lot of grief.


By the term "trim," I think you mean drawing in the region borders. That doesn't delete any MIDI data, notes or sustains. Run the "Set Optimal Region Size Rounded by Bar" key command (default: CONTROL backslash), and you'll see what you "trimmed" pops back into place.


You can, however, trim the region borders, then run the key command "Delete outside Region Boundaries." (This command has no default and must be assigned.) That'll nuke what is no longer visible in Piano Roll or Main.


More helpfully, in Piano Roll, go to Functions > Include Non-Note MIDI data. That setting's purpose is made clear in the following video.




When possible, start a new thread when the subject matter changes. Less convenient, I know, but it helps others who will search the same question. And this question does come up a lot.


"It seems MIDI draw has little to do with Step Editor which I was seeing as closely related."


Here's a metaphor. Logic is a house with many windows, and the pun is intentional. MIDI Draw and Step Editor are related -- they're two different windows looking into the house at a basket of fruit on the table. The fruit here is the MIDI data, and each window shows that same fruit from a sightly different perspective. Reach through the window and take the fruit (delete the data) and it'll be gone if you look through the other window too. It's the same data.


So everything is related to everything else in Logic. But I understand your point -- it's two very different ways to observe and modify the same data.



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