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Clicking sound when I record guitar audio


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I am recording audio into Logic Pro X through an Apogee Duet. Firstly I recorded a dry bass track through a Radial J48 active D.I. box into the Apogee Duet and that worked fine. Now I am trying to record a guitar from the D.I. on the back of an amp into the Apogee Duet but keep getting a clicking sound when I pick notes and if I hold a note so it sustains, the clicking just repeats as if it is being played on a delay pedal. It repeats about once every second. The input and output levels are in the green or just going into the yellow. I have changed the I/O buffering from 32, 64,128 and to the highest setting with no luck. Any ideas as to what is happening?


I have also noticed that YouTube videos have the same clicking sound when played through the Apogee Duet so I'm guessing the Apogee is causing the clicking sound. Any suggestions.

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