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Logic 9 Upgrade compatibility issues question


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Good evening,


I have been having issues for a week after having downloaded the everything bundle from Slate Digital and am running out of options. I downloaded the everything bundle last week and upon doing so discovered that my current OS (10.6.8) was not able to support it. Upon upgrading to the current version (el Capitan) my audio interface (m-audio profire2626) was not recognized. I contacted M-audio and discovered it was no longer supported starting at 10.10.5.


I backed everything up at this point on Time Machine. After this I decided to move to install 10.9.5 Mavericks where both the plugins and interface were compatible. In so doing I had to reinstall my Logic Pro discs as well. After doing this I am unable to locate many of my Logic Projects without much difficulty. Perhaps the most troubling is that I receive a message telling me that it can't open the plugins and that many of my audio regions have changed in placement and length--none of my audio is synched up. I talked to support on the phone and scheduled an appointment at the genius bar. The guys there were real helpful but we just couldn't seem to get to the bottom of these issues. The guy there suggested we look into some input from online communities trying to figure out the best course of action. Anyone experience anything similar or have any suggestions?

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