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EXS: Getting one zone to fade to another


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Hello to you all and thank you in advance for any help you can give me.


I want to use the EXS with a Midi controller keyboard in a live situation for ambient sound effects in such a way that if I hit, say, the 'C' key a long sample (6 mins) will start to play and so that at any point before the 6 mins have elapsed, I can hit, say, the 'E' key and (ideally) a short (4 seconds) sample will play and bring to an end the longer one with a 2-second release so they will, as it were, undergo an x-fade.

The ambient sound accompanies live musicians who will not always play at the same tempo, so I need to bring the long sound gently to a close at whatever time the music ends.


OK, I've set up the two samples in the right zones but whatever I do the first, long sample is just cut off with no release.

When I think about it, it's logical :oops: :


If I set the controls to 'mono', there is only one voice so the second sample takes over immediately.

Same thing if only one voice is permitted on 'poly'

If I set them to 'poly' with more than one voice, the second one won't stop the first.


Can anyone think of a way round this ?


Thanks for any help


Logic Pro X, Yosemite

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