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What is the "correct" way of quantizing midi?


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Hello again,


I´m editing some piano tracks I recorded, and there is one thing that has been bugging me since I started to use Logic.

What is the "correct" or "intended" way to quantize midi in LPX? I have used midi with computers since 1992, and before I got a Mac (2009´ish) I used Cakewalk Pro and Sonar on PC. The reason why the quantizing issue is confusing me is that Logic has two separate quantizing functions with two separate sets of parameters. The first one in the region inspector, and the second one (which I use) in the Piano roll. I use the piano roll method to have full control over the quantizing, since I can go through each track/region and say - quantize the kick drum strictly to 8ths and only certain parts of the snare (and so on).


The problem starts when I sometimes forget to turn the region inspector´s quantize parameter "off", and start to quantize "manually" in the Piano roll. If I at some point turn off the region inspector´s quantize value, all the notes that I manually quantized in the Piano roll pops back to the way I played it. So it seems like the region inspector is somehow "overriding" the Piano roll´s quantizing.


And on top of that, there´s the "Apply quantize destructively" option, that can really be taken literally sometimes.


I just think Logic Pro X´s quantizing is confusing overall, and I wish I could really understand how it works - because getting things quantized without "overquantizing" it is timeconsuming enough as it is. I read the LPX manual many times, but I still can´t grasp how they intended it to be used most constructively.


Any thoughts appreciated.



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They are differeent tools. the playback parameters are applied as the data is played back, meaning your recorded data is never altered.


Going in and moving the data around in the editors is destructive, in that you are actually editing your data, and there are advantage and disadvantages to both methods - it really depends on what you are trying to do, there is no "correct" way.


I generally use playback parameters most of the time as it's quick and easy to do, but I will go into the data and work on specific things in some cases where necessary, or split out data in a region into two so I can do different things to each.

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It's a good question! Just like des99, I use the region inspector to quantize (non-destructively). In order to prevent over-quantizing I use the Q-Strength option to retain some humanness from my playing. I use the piano roll "Q" button to quantize permanently, but that's pretty rare. Having flexibility in quantizing is great IMHO, but it can be confusing.
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