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Logic X 10.2.1 automation bugs and headaches


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I've been working in a project for about a week. All of a sudden the automation broke. No matter which Latch / Touch it writes for around 0.5seconds then ignores all moves a touches.


Volume automation works fine. What is going on?


I've trashed prefs twice, reimported all the tracks to a new empty project, check all the automation settings - nothing works.


Any ideas guys??


Nice one!!

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This is one of these things where I recommend filing a bug report. I have the same issues myself at times with LPX and my new approach is to follow my last posting to this thread http://www.logicprohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=122591&start=60.


Filing a bug report and having Apple ping you back for more information has solved 2/3 of my issues with LPX thus far. The beauty of what I suggest above is that you know the status of your request in their pipeline and can respond and provide more information as they request it. They also will counter with suggestions for config changes as necessary. Plus you can reply to your own initial bug report if you don't hear anything back.

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