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Wave Editor Menu Display issue Logic Pro X 10.1.1 [SOLVED]

Victor Kennedy

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My Scrrenshot of Wave Edit window.


Logic Tute Screenshot.



I'm working through a Logic Tutorial on 'Tightening Audio' etc.


I've attached 2 screenshots ~ 1 from the Tute, and 1 of my Logic screen.

In the Tute screen, the ruler top of the Wav Edit window has several Tabs, including Track and File, as well as a few others.


As seen in my screen shot of the Wav Edit window, most of these Tabs aren't displayed. I opened the Edit window by clicking on the Track Wav (region - in this case the entire Track length). I also looked under the Window Menu at the top of Logic, but there's no Wave Edit window there.


My question is how do I get the full set of 'Tabs' etc to display in the Wave Edit window.

I'm doing this to learn the use of Beat Mapping, tightening 'Live' Audio tracks, and therefore have more control over a combination of Audio & MIDI performances.


The 'project' I'm using for this exercise is a friends song which he recorded guitars, bass etc to Logic, and played the Drum parts, via a Midi Keyboard, along to the previously recorded 'Live' guitars. He used no Quantising, no Click ~ just old-school 'Roll Tape' approach.


It's a good piece for this exercise, as it is quite sloppy in sections, and also has a few Tempo changes, which all need 'tightening up' a bit.


All and any help appreciated.

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Choose Logic Pro X > Preferences > Advanced Tools and make sure all the necessary advanced tools are enabled.


I've got this sorted I think.


BUT in the 'Additional Options' tab (below Show Advanced Tools) would it be best to leave the 'AUDIO Enables destructive editing etc..' Uncheced? I'm thinking that this may be safer at this stage, until I know exactly what functions it has.

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