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system overload


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hi s master how are u doing today i bounced all my trakc in mono quick and perfect

i have another issu problm its about this message i have in logic somtime

i have lap top mac book is there short quick advise i can do so this message dont com




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Nope, this happens quite frequently on G5's also.


I've had song files (LP 7.1.1, G5 Quad PPC) where this will only occur after playback is initiated for the first time from a previously-worked-on, i.e., re-loaded song. This error will occur, but just the once. After that things are fine. It's almost like Logic starts playback fine, it's doing it's thing, but it didn't realize in advance that a heavy load of audio or VI's is was coming up. Then it says, "oh, s#!+... there's more here than meets the eye", sports the error message, rights itself, and then works fine after that.


Other times this message will pop up for no particular rhyme or reason, even on light loads.


Yeah, it's annoying to say the least... :roll:

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there are a lot of different factors in this error (disc speed, is the system sleeping the drives, how many tracks/plug in's are in use), so before blowing it off as a "bug" you might want to dig deeper into your system and how its set up and handling your work load.


my guess is that if you have a mac book, then you are working on a 5400rpm drive, definitely not recommended for doing high end work, so I'm not surprised you are seeing this error...


to rebuttal the negative comments I can honestly say that on my G5 dual 2.3 with 3gigs of RAM I barely get those errors, usually only when I get up and let my comp sleep and come back and try to play the track right away, the comp gives me that error as it "winds" itself back up.....

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