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Strange iLock authorization problems

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After years of mostly hassle-free iLok use, over the last few months, I've been getting error messages regarding two of my plug-ins - Air EQ Premium and Oxford Inflator. But I suspect that it's not about these particular plugins, they just happen to be frequently used ones. So the plug-in can't be used but sometimes this is transitory and often fixes itself for unknown reasons. Or I'll get the error messages but the plugs will work anyway.


My dongle setup is an un-powered Logiix 4-in-one-out with three dongles and my computer keyboard plugged into that. The iLok is iLok 2



Switching the hub to another USB port on the computer. Worked fine for a while but then got some new error messages.

Sometimes, I'll open a project, the plugs will be greyed out, then I'll reopen and they work again.


Then I noticed that the problem occasionally coincided with me recharging my phone on from a USB port on my computer. So I wondered if this was a bus power issue? Next thing to try is buy a powered USB hub. (Any recommendations? Ones to avoid?)


Anyone here has encountered this?





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