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Turning 88.2 kHz file into 44.1 in Logic?

camillo jr

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A client sent me two extra songs, already mixed, from another studio to add to the project we did here. One file is fine, the other is 24 bit 88.2 kHz so it sounds at half speed in my mastering project. The client has lost track of the engineer who did this - it was a while ago so we may not be able to get a new file.


Can I turn this into a 44.1 file in Logic via the Sample Rate Converter and if so Is Logic's SRC up to chewing that 88.2 file back to 44.1 with any kind of quality? Are there issues?


(If necessary, I can do without it as the client also supplied another un-mastered version of the same song at 44.1, although just in 16 bit format.)

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