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Multiple CSParameterOrder.plist for a single plugin?


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Ok, so the issue i have is that i go between 2 locations to perform/record with Logic Pro.


And depending on where i am, i will be using different control surfaces.


One is the Nektar Panorama, and the other is an MCU Pro, and on top of that i occasionally run an Ableton Push controller in MCU emulated mode for performances (See here if interested http://www.nativekontrol.com/PXT-General.html ) - all make use of the CSParameterOrder.plist files for determining which order the controls are arranged, trouble is, they all make use of the single plist file which is presented to Logic.


Ideally i'd like to swap between CSParameterOrder.plist files based on my location, so if i'm with the MCU i get a simple bank of 8x controls layout which repeats across multiple pages, and when i'm with my Panorama i get the more complicated 8x banks, 4x buttons, 9x faders arrangement which also then repeats across the additional pages of the 8x rotaries/4 buttons.


Anyone in a similar situation to me, and if so, how do you manage it currently? I'm guessing most control surfaces work on an 8 knob basis so mappings are fine across the board going from device to device, so maybe i'm quite unique in having this niggle?


Is there an app out there which will manage CSParameterOrder.plist files based on a 'profile' setting which you can freely change before opening Logic Pro?


And If there isn't, would anyone be interested in such a thing?


If i were to create one that also included a mapping tool based on your control surfaces hardware?


If there is any interest then please let me know, and what your hardware is (How many controls it has, and in which order it reads the .plist files to those controls) and i will try and make it as flexible as possible. However, i'm hoping that something exists out there already.



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