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SMPTE, Markers and Tempo Changes; Filmscoring


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I have a 1 min part of a film.


I created markers where i want to have "hits" on the scene.


now i want to change the tempo from marker 1 to marker 2 and so on so they fall in beat 1 of the measure.


do i have to manually change the tempo manually in the tempo list or is there a faster way? (tempo opearations didnt change tempo)


if im doing this the wrong approach please let me know how you setup the tempo

when u work on movies and what you'alls approach of doing this. dont forget to mention how you setup the start of both smpte and bars and also how u set it up when you get difrent movies; do u open another session and offset the smpte/TC

or always start the same way and then export the cues and have another session to sync up the cues to the movie.





if theres a youtube video or website, the link will do



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First off, I'd have to imagine that you must have some idea of what you want the tempo to be... I don't know how far apart your markers are, but they could define the boundary points of a piece of music that fits any number of tempos. Or time signatures.


The software isn't going to make these kinds of compositional decisions for you. However, there are methods you can try to help you hone in on what the tempo should be.


I'd suggest that you decide on the meter and approximate tempo of the music you want to write FIRST. And the best way to do this is to insert a second tempo event at the same point as your first marker (there's always going to be one event in the tempo window. Just leave it there and ignore whatever tempo it's set to).


Turn on CYCLE and set your left locator to the same position as your first marker. Your right locator can be some point past your second hit point.


With the metronome OFF, think about how you want the music to go, i.e., tempo and meter, as I said before.


Once you find a tempo, turn on the metronome, open the tempo window, and adjust the tempo of that second tempo event until the metronome clicks at about the same speed as the tempo you were imagining to yourself. Fine tune the tempo until it makes that second hit.


Now, once you've reached this point you may discover that the tempo you selected is very close but not exactly exact. This might be OK, but if you're like me and you want to be a stickler for having a tempo that's right-on-the-money perfect between these two points, then know that there are several ways you can find the exact exactly exact tempo. But there's no point in me outlining these procedures until you've done the first bit, which is to compose your tempo/meter and find a tempo that's close. Only afterwards does the fine-tuning make sense.

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i dont think i wasnt xclear enough. i know the tempo i want it to be. but i want the hits to fall in beat1 of where the markers are., thus i have to tempo map it.


right know i have to do it masnually but it hough thte tmepo interpeter would come in handy for this.

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