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Adding Values to Output Sum (Environment)

CyX SenZe

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I was thinking of a way of creating a sort of modifier. Once this is created, it can be used in multiple ways. This is what I was thinking:


I bang 4 faders at once where-

fader 1

fader 2

fader 3

fader 4


I have an on and off switch to only let the values passthrough that are selected.

There can be 7 combinations with different sums-

1' = 1

1'2 =3

1'3 =4

1'4 =5

1'2'3 =6

1'3'4 =8

1'2'3'4 =10


with the resulting sum sent to my final destination.


I was thinking of sending a transform op to maybe take the values that are passed through and sum them with one of the branches. I think 2 levels of this would suffice. I guess at the moment I'm posting this to see if anyone else has a direction or something similar created I can piggyback off of. Otherwise this is my brainstorm, any thoughts?

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