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quick way to edit out audio spikes


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please see attached pic, the occasional audio spike in the various audio regions is a real nuisance and time waster to manually remove.


Aside from using a 3rd party tool, of which there are so many, does anybody have a simple way to remove these using LPX native tools ?


I would love to nip these in the bud - per track. I can do it with automation, sometimes, but its very slow and tedious, not guaranteed by any means.


Yes, even with frequent sips of water (and the wide range of home-brew methods), one will still always have some spikes.


Your thoughts on a LPX technique ?


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clicks and pops for sure. These get introduced via mouth noise, impossible to remove all of them in any VO read.


I have since figured out how to export entire tracks or just single (problem) regions as AIFF files to Adobe Audition CS6 and use its declick tool, and then reimport. Extremely easy to use and does a fantastic job. Not what I was hoping for in terms of speedy workflow though.


Sure wish LPX had such a feature....

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