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Assigning keys to software instruments EXS24 [SOLVED]


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So aside from asking dumb questions, and always having a hard time getting down what I'm trying to accomplish, well I'm back,


Just experimenting with the EXS24. Now that I have been helped in recording different software instruments simultaneously on different tracks, is there a way to assign and limit the scales those individual instruments trigger on the keyboard controller.

As a simplified example, if I have a piano on one track a bass on another, can I assign the bass to only play lets say C1 and below, while leaving the piano assigned to the whole keyboard.

My search attempts seem to suggest I can do this by creating a custom instrument using the EXS24, but this locks in the particular software instruments sounds to create one new instrument (sound). I would like to do this on individual tracks so you can play with combinations of different sounds.

I've noticed the trail to knowledge cuts though a lot of ravines. :D

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Just a note here if others are searching out this method: I guess because I'm still on Logic Pro 9, I had to use the Key Limit in the Track Inspector.

Also had problems typing in the upper and lower parameters, just seemed to do what it wanted, not my typed in variables, but if you left click over the note (ie: C) you can scroll the note range, and it seems to keep these parameters intact.


Thanks again Eric.

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