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Defining Custom Bank Messages Kurzweil PC1x [SOLVED]


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Sorry if this is already posted but I wasn't able to find a post on this so here's the question. A lot of devices have a voice list which gives msb and lab numbers to define the custom bank messages but, the Kurzweil PC1x doesn't have those numbers because as far as I can tell you need to be using 0 for msb and 127 for lsb. You can go to the Environment and right click the instrument to go to this window. The fields can be added here. Then you can go to the bank window, initialize the bank and paste in the names you have previously typed them in a word document. There just names so I don't think you need the numbers. The problem is; keyboard gives the following error on it's display: "not found". Also, there must be a way to change the name of the bank rather than use the first instrument name because it seems there are multiple banks while your doing this.

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