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Bounce And Replace All - Where do the VIs go?


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Greetings. I've had to bounce and replace all my virtual instrument tracks because of CPU


I was then curious to find that after I've done this, when I save and reload a post-bounce project, all the virtual instruments and their samples still get loaded (which takes aaaaaaaages). So they aren't deleted even though I thought thats what Bounce and Replace did - I can see them when selecting the 'All' tab in Mixer view.


They don't act like hidden tracks, so are they just 'ignored' channels?


Are they just stored in a hidden area of the Mixer view in case one wants to recall a previous virtual instrument and its plugins? Do they still take a toll on computer performance?


Thanks for any light that can be shed on this.



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You're correct, after bounce and replace, your instruments are still present in software instrument channel strips that are in your environment (Window > Open MIDI Environment).


You can delete them from the Environment window (click the name to select, press Delete on your keyboard) and save your project to avoid having to load all those instruments when opening the project file.

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