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Mainstage out of tune! So frustrated...


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I was hoping someone can help me here. Let me try to be brief.


Mainstage was working fine for over a year and then a couple days ago, my soft synths went out of tune. I am using equal tempered tuning on the set and each individual. What's even weirder is it will sometimes change how much it's off. I have been a half step lower, a full step, and up to like 3 whole note differences.


I have reinstalled mainstage. I have checked the tuning slider in prefs and it's at 440. I have tried TWO different midi controllers with the same results to make sure it wasnt a pitch bend error. I even tried mainstage 2 and had the same issue. I started a brand new concert. I have tried two different tuners to make sure they both worked.


The instruments were working in Logic on key at first, then they changed too.. I seriously am flummoxed. I have been looking for solutions online and have had nothing work. I have a concert next week and I'm screwed if I dont get this straightened out. Help!

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I had the same problem . All the instruments were half note down.

1. Delete Main Stage Preferences

2. Start Main stage and go to Preferences/General . Now you'll see that the tuning is not 440. In my case it showed 100 cents down.

3. Change it to 440.


Unfortunately when the problem presisted the tuning was showing 440 so I couldn't know it was the problem. But i measured the sound with another tuner and saw it was not right. I thought it is a bug so the first thing I did was to delete the preferences.

By the way it started after 3.2.3 install.


hope it helps

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I know this post was from a while ago, but just to chime in. I had issues with my MainStage piano sound being out of tune with my Garageband piano sound. My MainStage sample rate was set to 48, and I changed it to 44.1, like the replier's post suggested, and now they are both in tune. Hope it helps someone.
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