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Firewire Solo; signal, but no audio

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Hi, I successfully used this unit with my Mac (Snow Leopard) with Logic Pro 9. Now I have Logic X with Yosemite and a new hard drive. I downloaded the drivers from CNET and hooked everything up. I do get a signal in Logic (track and master track) and software monitoring is enabled. I just get no sound. I'm not sure if there's something finicky with Yosemite and the unit but there seem to be no update drivers available. When I use the built-in audio from the Mac (Macbook Pro mid 2010) the sound works fine (that is bypassing the Firewire unit). I've tried a number of things but no luck. Could someone kindly help? Thanks a lot!
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I found the fix by searching around for driver updates and drivers. I found them and here's how for your users:




Corey S (Employee) 6 months ago



Thanks for posting.


The Firewire Solo has been discontinued for some time now and there hasn't been a new driver release since 2011. Your best bet is to try the last available driver that supports up to Mac OS X 10.7.3:





It's always a good habit to check the compatibility of your devices before updating your operating system to avoid leaving anything behind.


Hope this helps!

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