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Swapping between singe and multi track comping in Logic?


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I'm one of these people that uses both Logic and Pro Tools. I have to use PT daily as a mix engineer as most sessions come in as PT sessions. However I actually prefer Logic for mixing, for a whole string of reasons. I find Logic significantly faster, there are all round less clicks and menus to achieve exactly the same thing. Plus Logic's ability to organise plugins in your own sub menus, save channel strips, aux names are displayed in the send menu, I mean these things are a massive time saver. Because of these features I can put together a mix or mastering session in Logic in almost half the time it takes me in Pro Tools.


But, Pro Tools defiantly wins during the recording, comping and editing stage. Pro Tools playlists are pretty great. PT suddenly becomes much faster to work in than Logic during the edit can comp phase of a mix. Again once I'm past that phase Logic is so much quicker that I sometimes consolidate the tracks and import to Logic to mix.


As far as I can tell there is no way in Logic to really mimic the power of playlists. People have talked about using track stacks and folders but they really aren't the same thing at all. The real power of playlists for me is the ability to swap between five vocal takes, just for one phrase without changing anything else. But four bars later to swap the entire band for a different take. That's the bread and butter of putting together a song in many mix situations, and with play lists jumping between these two types of comping is a matter of seconds.


In Logic, as far as I've been able to figure out, there's just no easy way to do this. You can comp a single track or grouped tracks or you can put each band take into a folder and jump between band takes that way. But you can mix these two types of editing easily, which is what play lists are so good at.


Unless some clever person has figured out some way to switch between these types of editing in Logic?

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